Nexus Sports Nutrition GRE3NS

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Daily Greens + Added Probiotics

Boost your health with the Nexus Sports Nutrition GRE3NS Wellness Formula! Designed for everyday people dealing with common health issues, this premium supplement delivers a range of clinically dosed ingredients for all-round wellbeing.

The GRE3NS formula offers a powerful combination of nutritious ingredients that are not just carefully blended for maximum health benefits but are also delicious to taste.

Nexus GRE3NS: Key Features

  • Everyday Health Support: Designed to provide essential everyday health benefits to regular people dealing with common health concerns.

  • Carefully Selected Ingredients: The formula contains a selection of clinically dosed ingredients chosen with the utmost care for their health benefits.

  • Immune Support Blend: Specially blended to help enhance and maintain your immune system health.

  • Gut Repair Blend: A unique blend aimed at promoting a healthy microbiome, vital for overall wellbeing.

  • Antioxidant Protection: Offers crucial antioxidant protection to help shield your body from harmful free radicals.

  • Probiotic Fibre Blend: A unique blend of probiotics and fibres designed to boost gut health.

  • Digestive Enzyme Blend: Formulated to aid digestion, for improved nutrient absorption and gut health.

  • No Artificial Flavours or Colours: This formula is free from artificial flavours and colours, offering a clean, natural taste.

  • Delicious Flavours: Comes in 3 different flavours that make your health journey enjoyable. You won't even know you're drinking a greens powder!

  • Easy to Use: Just 1 scoop with 400ml of cold water first thing in the morning, and you're good to go.

Why Choose Nexus Sports Nutrition GRE3NS?

With an abundance of wellness products available, GRE3NS stands apart with its commitment to quality and efficacy. Nexus has invested years in the development of this formula to ensure that you have access to a greens powder that truly makes a difference in your health.

Recommended Use

Mix one serving (one scoop) of Nexus Sports Nutrition GRE3NS with 400ml of cold water and consume first thing in the morning.

Servings: 30

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