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Ghost BCAA V2

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Ghost BCAA V2 is redeveloped and improved version of the original Ghost BCAA blend. Better ingredients and better flavours making this their best BCAA yet!

Traditionally, most people think BCAA’s should only be taken during a workout or intense training session however, Ghost has developed a formula that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Its phenomenal performance means you can replace those sugar-filled sports drinks you may be accustomed to.

So, what's new?

Ghost have outdone themselves yet again by improving their original Ghost BCAA blend. BCAA V2 packs an insane 7000mg of Vegan-friendly BCAAs paired with a massive 25mg of AstraGin; this means that your body is absorbing everything on offer! BCAA V2 is also a full disclosure formula meaning every single ingredient is listed on the container. Rest assured knowing exactly what's in every scoop.

If you are looking for even more recovery, check out Ghosts delicious fast-absorbing Whey Protein. Ghost Whey is a premium 100% Whey blend with digestive enzymes, low calories and an unbeatable flavour range!

Key Features of BCAA V2

  • Vegan Friendly | Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Sugar-Free
  • 7000mg 2:1:1 BCAAs (3500mg Leucine, 1750mg Isoleucine, 1750mg Valine)
  • 25mg Astragin for Increased Absorption
  • BCAA’s Instantized for Increased Absorption
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Delicious Developed Flavours

Ghost's Full Disclosure Label

Nothing to hide. All Ghost Lifestyle products are proudly representing a 100% transparent label. This means that you know exactly what you’re getting in every scoop. 

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop of Ghost BCAA V2 with 500-1000ml of cold water and consume before, during or after a workout. You could also use your BCAA V2 as a substitute for a sweet drink throughout the day.

Servings: 30

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