Ghost Legend + Free BPI Pump HD

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** Get a Free BPI Sports Pump HD with your Ghost Legend!
* Pump HD (Random flavour, 20 serve)

BPI Sports Pump HD provides stimulant-free energy to help you power through even the most difficult workout while maintaining laser focus and intense pumps! Pump HD is completely stim-free so if you’re after a legendary pump chuck a scoop in with your Legend and get ready for an insane workout.

Ghost Legend will give your body the boost it needs to perform, minus the crash and over stim feeling that other pre-workouts may give you. Its endurance enhancing and nitric oxide boosting qualities are unbeaten at providing great endurance and making sure you can take on whatever your workout throws at you.

  • Contains 2x the Active Ingredients per Scoop to Comparable Products
  • Every Scoop Contains a Whopping 4g’s of Pure L-Citrulline
  • Tastes F*&#!ing Delicious

Servings: 30


Earn up to 35 ASN Points.