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Get up to 50% off GHOST 👻


3, 2, 1, BOOM: Grenade is Available Now!

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Grenade is not just a name; it's a game-changer in the realm of sports nutrition. Where does it stand in the ranks of fitness nutrition? Think of it as the special forces of the supplement world, armed with unmatched quality, taste, and performance.

Grenade Bars Spread

Grenade’s Origins: Explosive Beginnings

Grenade is a testimony to the dream of Alan and Juliet Barratt, who, in 2010, envisioned a brand that would become synonymous with excellence in sports nutrition. Fast forward to today, with presence in more than 80 nations, Grenade is not just a brand - it’s a movement. And as they say, every explosive movement has a spark; for Grenade, it was the Thermo Detonator, its pioneering product.

Grenade’s Elite Range

Thermo Detonator: Step up your game with Thermo Detonator, your ultimate ally for enduring workouts or energising manic Mondays. Beyond a supplement, it’s a commitment you make to your fitness.

  • Naturally amplifies metabolism
  • Counters fatigue
  • Ready-to-consume capsules

Black Ops Vs. Thermo Detonator: Choosing the right fit? While Thermo Detonator ensures prolonged energy, Black Ops propels you through high-octane HIIT workouts. Crafted in collaboration with elite US Special Ops Forces, Black Ops specialises in:

  • Rapid, potent energy surges
  • Maximising high-intensity workouts
  • Stabilising blood sugar and reducing weariness

Grenade Protein Bars: Dive into Grenade’s Protein Bars for that flawless blend of health and indulgence.

  • Delivers 20g protein and under 2g sugar
  • A palate of delectable flavours
  • Previously labeled 'Grenade Carb-Killa Protein Bars'
  • Certified by Informed Sport for unmatched quality

Grenade Protein Shakes: Unleash the protein power with Grenade's shakes if you prefer sipping over munching.

  • A generous 25g of protein in a lean 211-calorie package
  • A spectrum of delightful flavours
  • Verified for quality by Informed Sport

Why Trust Grenade?

Is Grenade a reputable brand? Absolutely! Its exponential growth isn't just a result of exceptional marketing, but also its dedication to producing quality products. With every supplement they offer, Grenade promises unmatched quality and results, setting them leagues apart from their competitors.

The Secret Behind Grenade Bars’ Popularity

What makes Grenade bars the talk of the town? It’s a blend of their unique baking process, the promise of high protein, low sugar, and of course, an unmatched taste. They aren’t just bars; they’re a lifestyle choice.

In Conclusion

Choosing Grenade Supplements NZ is choosing a legacy of quality, innovation, and taste. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just someone looking to enhance their fitness journey, Grenade is ready to assist you. Dive in and experience the explosion of benefits!

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