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Radix Nutrition Natural Whey Protein

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Radix Nutrition Natural Whey Protein is made from Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate, Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, and Ultra-Filtered Milk Protein Concentrate. Proudly sourced from New Zealand fresh, grass Pastured Milk.

Designed to provide the highest amino acid profile across all Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs with an exceptionally high digestibility of DIAAS 1.28. It even outperforms pure Whey Protein Isolate, previously considered to be the “Gold Standard”.

Radix Whey Protein is one of the most effective, technologically advanced Whey Proteins on the market today.

Key features of Radix Nutrition Natural Whey Protein

  • Banned Substance Tested (HASTA Certification)
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Excellent Bioavailability
  • High Amino Acid Quantity
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • GMO-Free
  • Palm Oil-Free

What is DIAAS?

Short for Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score. DIAAS provides a more accurate method of measuring a foods amino acid absorption by the body. Using DIAAS, Radix was able to formulate a more effective, bioavailable protein, made from the highest quality ingredients, from sources we trust.

Recommended Use

Mix one scoop (31g) of Radix Nutrition Natural Whey Protein with 200-300ml cold water, milk, or beverage of your choice and mix well. For best results, consume within 30 minutes of your workout, or have it as an anytime snack in your balanced, high-protein diet. Store in a cool, dry place after use. 

Size: 1kg / Single Serve