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ProSupps Glutamine

ProSupps Glutamine aids many key functions within the body including recovery and growth. Your body naturally produces Glutamine however during intense exercise these natural levels are severely depleted. Supplementing with Glutamine helps to raise these levels back up, in turn, boosting recovery and growth. PS Glutamine also plays a big role in immune and digestive system health.

Glutamine is a primary fuel source to your immune system and is one of the most important nutrients in your intestines. Therefore supplementing with PS Glutamine may have a positive impact on your health while also leading to an increase in protein synthesis and prevention of muscle breakdown.

To maximise your recovery consider stacking PS Glutamine with a post-workout protein shake. Consuming Protein post-workout will help by giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair and grow. ProSupps Whey would be a great option as it is fast digesting and low in sugars, fats, and carbs.

Key Features

  • Repair and Protection of the Muscle
  • Recovery after Intense Exercise
  • Immune & Digestive System Support
  • Reduced Muscle Breakdown

How to use ProSupps Glutamine

Take one serving of PS Glutamine before, during or after training. The number of serves could be increased after an intense session. Glutamine is flavourless, therefore, it's easily mixed into water or one of your favourite beverages.

Servings: 60

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