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Nexus Sports Nutrition Super Protein Water

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Collagen + Astragin

Nexus Sports Nutrition Super Protein Water is a revolutionary protein water made with a unique blend of hydrolysed collagen peptides, L-tryptophan, vitamin C, and Astragin root extracts. This powerful combination provides the body with the nutrients it needs to build and repair muscle tissue, boost immunity, and enhance overall health and wellness.

Did you know that 30% of the protein in your body is collagen? Muscles are made largely of collagen (not whey protein) so it would make sense that consuming collagen benefits muscle mass and strength.

When you supplement with collagen, research has found that it:
  • Supports and Promotes Muscle Mass
  • Supports and Promotes Muscle Strength
  • Supports and Promotes Lean Body Mass
  • Stimulates and Boosts Collagen Production
  • Increases Pro-Collagen and Elastin

What is Astragin?

Astragin is a patented, 100% plant-based compound that increases the absorption of vital nutrients promoting a healthy gut environment.

Is Super Protein dairy-free?

Yes, Super Protein by Nexus Sports Nutrition is free from dairy. This makes it a great alternative to whey and casein products which both have dairy in them. If you are looking to avoid dairy while reaching your goals, collagen protein could be the key.

Recommended Use

Mix one serving (1 scoop) of Super Protein Water with 400-600ml of cold water and consume post-workout or throughout the day to supplement your protein intake. Adjust the amount of water to your desired taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kayla B. (Hamilton, NZ)

This so good

We're glad you thought so Kayla!

Anonymous (Palmerston North, NZ)
Strawberry Lime - Nexus Sports Nutrition Super Protein Water

Easier to drink than a protien shake, strong flavour so I mixed with more water than the instrustrions. Would recommed for increasing protein intake

Thanks for your feedback. It definitely has a strong flavour but we're glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Jay B. (Sydney, AU)

Sweet flavour so added more water other than that like the product