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A tiered program to allow opportunities for athletes of all levels to gain sponsorship.

Here at ASN we are using our sponsorship program to find hard working and motivated people to work with. Our athlete management team has designed our sponsorship program to allow any athlete/individual the opportunity of sponsorship no matter the size of their social following. To enable this diverse type of sponsorship a tiered system has been put in place (Bronze Athlete, Silver Athlete, Gold Athlete, Full Sponsorship). You will find each tier is geared towards different levels of social following and brand participation.

An example of this would be a Bronze Athlete who would have a reasonable following of at least 800-1000 people on all the major social platforms and would expect to receive bronze tier benefits. At the other end of this scale is a Gold Athlete who is a beast on social media (20,000+ followers) and commands a wide social presence and would, therefore, receive the benefits that come with Gold Athlete Sponsorship. When we gauge tiers though it is important to note we are not looking at just one thing, therefore an athlete could be on a much higher level than other athletes because of special determining factors that are taken into account when creating the partnership. So there is definitely x factor characteristics at play like brand participation and level within ones chosen sports that can make a difference.

Sponsorship Tiers/Benefits

Team ASN Athlete Tiers

Sponsorship Application

We are currently accepting sponsorship applications which can be applied for by reading the requirements and filling out the application form below.

Sponsorship Requirements & Expectations.

  • Be willing to actively use your social media to help promote ASN and our products.
  • Have a reasonable following on social media (800+ followers) and good engagement with your account.
  • Create and add a picture or video at least once a week on either your Instagram or Facebook promoting ASN or ASN products in some way, shape or form (posts must include hashtags which we will provide, also tagging us in your post). Instead you may choose to share/repost of our Social Media Posts each week.
  • Place the following text into your Instagram bio “ASN Online Discount Code: ….” (Upon acceptance into the program we will provide you with your own code you can share with people).

Application Form:

Upon a successful sponsorship application, we will review it and contact you to discuss what level of sponsorship we would like to offer you, we will also discuss the agreement further, answer any questions you have, and we will send you an ASN Sponsorship information pack. To be eligible to earn ASN Points as an ASN athlete please read our Affiliate Terms & Conditions (If accepted as a Silver or Gold Athlete you will have the option of earning ASN points for referrals).

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If your application is successful you will be contacted via the email on your application.