VPX Shotgun 5X

We could talk about how VPX Shotgun 5X produces skin-bursting pumps, phenomenal fat-burning and mind bending muscle growth, but we’d rather just present facts.

Like those contained in a 2009 study conducted by folks with multiple degrees concluding that 28 days of resistance training, coupled with Shotgun 5X, had “no negative effects on the clinical safety markers assessed, while effectively increasing muscle strength and mass, myofibrillar protein content, and stimulating increases in myogenic markers indicative of satellite cell activation.”

This included a(n):

  • 82% increase in bench-press strength.
  • 40% increase in leg-press strength.
  • 39% increase in myofibrillar protein.
  • 42% increase in HGF (human growth factor) levels.
  • 91% increase in MyoD (a protein that plays a major role in regulating muscle differentiation).
  • 75% increase in DNA content. 

Recommended Use

Mix one scoop of VPX Shotgun 5X with 235-295ml of cold water and consume 30 minutes before a workout. For enhanced results consider also using VPX Synthesize post-workout.

Servings: 20