VPX Bang Master Blaster

VPX Bang Master Blaster is not your stereotypical life-sucking/muscle-destroying pre-workout concentrate. BMB is designed around the patented Super Creatine, an amino acid di-peptide that is far more soluble than regular Creatine and L-Leucine. 

Furthermore, BMB Pre-Workout contains beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, betaine anhydrous, all nine Essential Amino Acids, citrulline, and caffeine, which are formulated to work with Super Creatine.

  • Muscle Growth & Endurance
  • Ridiculous Muscle Pumps & Energy
  • Explosive Power & Strength
  • Gluten-Free

Recommend Use

Mix one scoop of VPX Bang Master Blaster with 355ml of cold water and consume 30-40 minutes before a workout. We would also recommend beginner Pre-Workout users start with a half scoop to assess tolerance.

Servings: 20