Staunch Kanga Milk

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Staunch Nation Kanga Milk is the premiere mass gainer designed for the staunchest athlete looking to build mass without adding unhealthy sugars or fats! Kanga Milk provides 50 grams of high-quality protein and includes 7 grams of fats and 139 grams of carbs

Staunch has gone the extra mile with Kang Milk delivering a mass gainer featuring a complete Protein Complex, Fat Complex, Carb Complex, Muscle Building Complex and Digestive Enzyme Complex. This powerful mass gainer has everything you need to get you the necessary fuel that your body needs to build mass in the healthiest way possible Even a growing Joey will appreciate this powerful mass gainer formula.

Complex Breakdown

PROTEIN COMPLEX - Includes 4 blends of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and micellar casein to cover all the bases when it comes to digestion and protein uptake. The mix of slow-digesting and fast-acting protein will ensure you have what you need to make gains.

FATS COMPLEX - Includes coconut oil powder, coconut milk powder, MCT oil powder, and organic flax seed powder. Healthy fats are essential for both brain function and hormone balance. These calorie-dense ingredients will help you grow in a healthy way.

CARBOHYDRATE COMPLEX - Includes maltodextrin, Highly branched, cyclic dextrin (HBCD), sweet potato powder, brown rice bran powder, and oat bran fibre. A variety of complex carbs will fuel protein synthesis and ensure muscle growth.

MUSCLE BUILDING COMPLEX - Includes creatine monohydrate, BCAA, and L-Glutamine. This trio of ingredients is for your recovery and muscle refuelling.

DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX - For ease of digestion and absorption within the body includes - protease, bromelain, lipase, lactase, and papain. When you are eating in a calorie surplus digestion becomes an issue. To ensure proper uptake in your digestive system we have provided enzymes to help you break down these ingredients and convert them into the building blocks of lean muscle gains.

Size: 6lb

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