RYSE Blackout Pre-Workout + Free Pump

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* Get a free RYSE Blackout Pump (Unflavoured, 25 Serve) with Blackout Pre-Workout!

Pump. Energy. Strength.

Supercharge your workouts with the high-performance Blackout Pre-Workout from RYSE. Packed with a high-stimulant performance matrix and patented pump formula, RYSE Blackout will satisfy even the most advanced hardcore athlete.

  • Maximise exercise performance with 3.2g Beta-Alanine, 1.5g VitaCholine, and 1.5g Betaine Anhydrous.
  • Laser Focus and Energy Matrix with Theobromine and VitaShure for 400mg of Active Caffeine.
  • Skin Tearing Pumps with Patented NO3-T® Nitrate Blend.
  • Fully transparent & researched-backed formula to push you beyond any previous limits.

Premium Ingredients Only

RYSE takes a unique approach to formulating supplements, utilising the latest science and ingredients backed by clinical evidence. Not only do they use the best-patented and research-backed ingredients, they also TEST vigorously.

When using RYSE Supplements, you'll always get what the label says and be using only the highest quality ingredients. By looking at their labels you will see that no corners are cut when formulating their products and there never will be, that is their commitment to you!

Key Ingredients: RYSE Blackout Pre-Workout

Caffeine - First off, Blackout Pre-Workout contains 2 different forms of caffeine split between 370mg of caffeine anhydrous which is fast-acting but also 28mg of VitaShure slow-release caffeine. This combination provides quick and long-lasting energy while reducing any of the dreaded crashes commonly associated with pre-workouts.

Vitacholine - Next we have a premium source of choline bitartrate known as VitaCholine. Choline is an essential molecule for synthesising fats, but most commonly used for its focus benefits as a precursor to acetylcholine. This compound helps to increase focus, mood, and mind-muscle connection.

Nitrates - Blackout Pre-Workout also contains patented sodium and betaine nitrates. These nitrates have been clinically proven to increase plasma nitric oxide levels. This will lead to increased blood flow, Improved time to exhaustion, and peak power output.

Theobromine - Finally, we have 200mg of theobromine, which is a natural compound typically found in cocoa. It provides energy in a non-stimulatory way but also prolongs energy when paired with caffeine.

Recommended Use

Mix one scoop of RYSE Blackout Pre-Workout with 295-355ml of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. Vary the amount of liquid to taste.

Servings: 25

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anthony D. (Hamilton, NZ)

Tastes delicious much unlike other pre workouts

We're glad you thought so Anthony!

Lachlan M.

Ryse Blackout Pre-Workout + Free Pump

d.c. (Palmerston North, NZ)
tigers blood

insane pump and made me really hype and awake, great workout

That's epic Dylan! We're stoked you're enjoying the Ryse Blackout.