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Ronnie Coleman King Mass

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** Grab a Ronnie Coleman King Mass 15lb for $89 while stocks last!Dated: 03/2022.

Ronnie Coleman King Mass is designed to help those 'hard gainers' get the calories and nutrients required to put on that size they have been struggling for their whole life. If that's you, you know that physically chewing and eating enough food in a day to grow is a Chore! King Mass is an easy way to down a 1,000 calorie nutrient-packed shake that won't sit like cement in your stomach like other similar products.

Gaining size from a nutrition standpoint is pretty simple math, eat more than your body uses in a day AKA be in a caloric surplus. But, the quality of those calories counts too. King Mass delivers quality protein sources as well as carb sources with minimal sugar and a super low fat count at 5G. This means you are getting Quality calories!

Servings: 54

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