Ronnie Coleman Beta-Alanine

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Alanine is brought to you by the legend himself. Anyone who knows Ronnie Coleman knows that brutal workouts that are going far beyond you actual limits are the key to superhuman muscle mass and strength – and Beta-Alanine XS will enable you to do just that by maximally delaying your muscle fatigue for the most intense, most brutal and longest workouts of your life. Beta-Alanine acts as a lactic acid blocker in your muscles by increasing your muscle’s carnosine levels.

Very few people know that the virtually unavoidable acidification of your muscles during intensive workouts will not only accelerate the onset of fatigue but is also the biggest enemy of your nitric oxide production and your body’s protein synthesis – and that Beta-Alanine can be your savior in this scenario.


• Endless Muscle Endurance for More Brutal Reps
• Maximum Muscle Protein Synthesis
• Increase Pump
• Increase Strength

Servings: 168

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