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Red Dragon Dragon's Breath

Red Dragon Dragon's Breath is a high-quality Pre-Workout containing clinically dosed ingredients to increase pumps, energy and focus. Red Dragon Nutritionals have put together a highly effective Pre-Workout formula that is built to deliver.

Dragon’s Breath has a fully transparent label with researched backed dosages, so you can bring the heat and ignite your workouts.

  • Increased Pumps & Muscular Endurance
  • Enhanced Mental Alertness
  • Multi-Stage Energy Blend

Key Ingredients in Dragon's Breath

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 -Dosed efficaciously, 6g of this non-protein amino acid will enhance Nitric Oxide levels, boosting blood flow – meaning both veins and muscles will be pumped full of blood in no time.

Beta-Alanine - In its clinical dosage of 3.2g, Beta-Alanine will help improve muscular endurance, delaying muscular fatigue by producing carnosine. Studies have displayed a significant reduction in the rate of perceived exertion in exercise on subjects after being administered Beta-Alanine, meaning you can train harder for longer.

L-Tyrosine - Tyrosine has been shown to improve mental performance under stressful conditions (such as weight training), as well as improving alertness following the loss of sleep, meaning mental focus and clarity to perform the way you need when you need.

Multi-Stage Energy Blend - Dragon's Breath will give you the long-lasting energy required for those hard sessions, through 250mg Caffeine, 200mg Teacrine and 100mg Dynamine, meaning no crash, all-day energy, and the ability to perform at your peak!

Suggested Use

Consume one scoop of Red Dragon Dragon's Breath with 200-400mls of cold water 20-30 minutes before training. We recommend beginners start with a half serving to assess your initial tolerance. Advanced Pre-Workout users could consume two scoops a serving.

Servings: 40