ProSupps Whey

ProSupps Whey is the perfect all-around protein for those looking to supplement an active lifestyle and aid in their recovery and growth.PSWheyspans the gap perfectly between being a fast-acting protein, while still including slow-acting protein sources to help with hunger suppression and extended-release of amino acids for muscle repair throughout the day.

When trying to repair muscle tissue, protein and the essential amino acids it breaks down into are key as they are the building blocks for repair and growth. PS Whey provides 24g's of protein with a sweet milkshake texture while being low in carbs, sugars, and fats.

If you are looking for a faster digesting and cleaner protein, then ProSupps Isolate P3 may be a better alternative.Iso P3 contains zero concentrate proteins, zero added sugar, zero added carbohydrates and is super easy to mix.

Key Features

  • Great-Tasting & Easy Mixing
  • Low Carbs, Sugar & Fat
  • Banned Substance Tested
  • Increased Recovery and Growth
  • Gluten-Free

How to use ProSupps Whey

Mix one scoop of PS Whey with 250-500ml of cold water and consume post workout. Depending on personal preference, the amount of water can be increased or decreased. Use 1-3 servings daily depending on your dietary requirements.

Sizes: 5lb

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