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ProSupps Mr Hyde NitroX

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ProSupps Mr Hyde NitroX is a high stimulant-based pre-workout, with scientifically proven ingredients to give you better pumps, strength, vascularity, and mental focus with little or no crash. Mr Hyde is perfect if you're after an awesome all-round pre that covers all bases to ensure an epic workout every time. With its 220mg stimulant blend, you'll be sure to get that kick you want out of your pre-workout.

  • Increased Pumps & Vascularity
  • Gains in Strength, Power, & Endurance
  • Enhanced Mental Focus & Motivation

If you've tried Mr Hyde and think you need something with a bit more of a punch, check out ProSupps Mr Hyde Icon. Mr Hyde Icon includes 8 premium researched ingredients in an all-in-one formula for promoting strong sustained energy, pumps, strength, endurance and more. This bad boy is one of the best pre-workouts currently on the market!

Key Ingredients in Prosupps Mr Hyde NitroX

  • Beta-Alanine / (ENDURANCE) - Delays the buildup of lactic acid, which will help delay the early onset of muscle soreness when training.
  • Caffeine / (ENERGY) - A clinical dose of caffeine that is shown to increase athletic and mental performance.
  • Arginine Silicate / (PUMPS)- Helps the increase in oxygen levels in the bloodstream, which allows for a greater pump when lifting weights.
  • Theacrine / (FOCUS & LESS CRASH)- Similar effects to Caffeine without the negatives like the jitters, elevated heart rate etc. Theacrine also helps to reduce crashing.
  • Creatine HCL / (STRENGTH) – Helps increase muscle cell volume, promoting an anabolic environment for increased muscle size.


Mix one scoop of ProSupps Mr Hyde NitroX with 200-300ml of cold water, 30 to 40 minutes before exercise. To assess your initial tolerance we recommend starting with half a scoop. Some user may experience a harmless tingling sensation when using Mr Hyde, this is due to the beta-alanine in this product.

Servings: 60

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