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ProSupps HydroBCAA + Energy

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ProSupps HydroBCAA + Energy features 7g's of BCAAs to support lean muscle growth, recovery and maintenance with added Electrolytes for enhanced hydration. HydroBCAA + Energy is further powered by 125mg of caffeine for a boost of energy whenever you need it.

This performance amino acid is also Informed-Choice certified, banned-substance tested and free of artificial colours. Perfect for everyone looking to improve their hydration and energy throughout the day every day.

Key Features

  • 7g of BCAAs
  • 125mg Caffeine
  • 160mg Electrolytes
  • Banned Substance Tested
  • Free of Artificial Colours
  • Zero Sugar, Carbs or Calories
  • Vegan-Friendly

What is HydroBCAA + Energy?

HydroBCAA + Energy is a premium vegan Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement that has 125mg of caffeine for an energy boost and 160mg electrolytes for enhanced hydration.

Recommended Use

Mix one scoop of ProSupps HydroBCAA + Energy with 750-1000ml of cold water. HydroBCAA + Energy can be taken before, during or after training and throughout the day whenever you need a quick energy boost.

Servings: 30

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