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Platinum Labs OptiBurn

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Platinum Labs Opti-Burn is a complete fat-burning solution that takes advantage of five different methods to have a larger impact on fat and weight loss. OptiBurn was strategically formulated to be fast-acting, mix well, boost energy, control cravings, and more.

Key Benefits

THERMOGENESIS - Thermogenesis is the method of literally burning fat through heat. As the body’s internal temperature rises, so too do the metabolic processes, which begin to move and break down fat for use as fuel. Optiburn has a multitude of ingredients to increase the core body temperature and accelerate fat burning.

HUNGER MANAGEMENT - Hunger Management is a critical tool that is all too often overlooked by other products. Optiburn contains extracts that dull the appetite, making it easier to diet and prevent overeating due to stress, hormones, or boredom.

FAT TRANSPORTATION & BLOCKING - Fat Transportation & Blocking is defined as the internal action of the body to both prevent the storage of fat and efficiently use existing fat stores for energy. No other product contains such a complete, ingredient profile for this specific and vitally important action.

MOOD ENHANCEMENT & ENERGY - Mood Enhancement & Energy are rarely associated with weight control products, but they should be. Without feeling energetic and happy, no diet or exercise regime will stick. For years, customers of Optiburn have been describing “The Optiburn Feeling” of increased energy, health, and happiness while training hard and eating right!

WATER STORAGE - Water Storage is caused by many factors including diet, stress, and even hormones. The natural diuretics in Optiburn help to flush excess water out of the body to speed up improvements.

Recommended Use

Mix one serving of Platinum Labs OptiBurn with 200ml of cold water. Consume first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before a workout. We would not recommend taking OptiBurn late in the afternoon as it may keep you up at night.

Servings: 45

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