Pharmafreak Mass Freak

Pharmafreak Mass Freak is created specifically for bodybuilders, athletes and hard gainers who are looking to quickly pack on lean rock-hard muscle mass! Mass Freak's comprehensive formula provides your body with top-quality protein and carbohydrates to support muscle growth.

Key Benefits

  • Lean Muscle Mass Growth - Mass Freak's Sustained-Release Protein Complex and Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Blend provides the perfect environment to support muscle growth all day long.
  • Growth & Recovery - BCAAs are a crucial element to support the growth of muscle. The Mass Freak Amino Acid Complex includes BCAAs and Glutamine to support growth and recovery.
  • Top Quality Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are essential to muscular development. Mass Freak includes a top-quality sustained-release carbohydrate complex to support size, energy performance, and recovery!

Suggested Use

Mix up to four scoops of Pharmafreak Mass Freak with 350-700mls of cold water once a day. Adjust the amount of liquid used to achieve your desired consistency.

Size: 15lb

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