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MusclePharm Glutamine Capsules

MusclePharm Glutamine Capsules are now available! Glutamine helps with a wide array of functions like recovery, growth, immune system support and gut health.

Although our bodies naturally produce Glutamine this is severely depleted through intense exercise, that’s where these capsules come in. Easy to take in a moments notice to ensure you're recovering properly.

  • Repair and Protect Muscle.
  • Recovery faster after Intense Exercise.
  • Immune & Digestive System Support.

For best results and faster recovery, consume MP Glutamine Capsules with a post-workout protein. Consuming protein after a workout is essentially handing your body what it needs to repair and regrow. MusclePharm Combat 100% Whey would be a perfect option as it’s super low in sugars, fats, carbs and fast-digesting.

Suggested Use

Take two capsules prior to working out. You can increase the amount of MusclePharm Glutamine Capsules consumed depending on the intensity of your training.

Size: 120 Capsules