MusclePharm Combat Pre-Workout

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MusclePharm Combat Pre-Workoutis the latest and greatest pre-workout in the MusclePharm range. It tastes great and is guaranteed to better your workouts by providing explosive energy with 200mgs of caffeine per serve, enhanced mental clarity/focus and epic muscle pumps! Combat Pre-Workout is perfect for anyone looking for a simple but effective pre-workout formula.

What's it like compared to other MusclePharm Pre-Workouts?

Combat Pre-Workout is a very similar formula to MusclePharm Assault in the amount of caffeine, pump and other ingredients. If you've used Assault before the effects of this pre-workout would be very similar to that.

If you're after something stronger then MusclePharm Wreckage will be the better pre for you. The caffeine, pump and focus ingredients are all in dosed higher. Wreckage will blow your socks off!


  • Explosive energy blend
  • Enhanced focus and performance
  • Maximizes muscle pump
  • New Improved Flavours
  • Banned Substance Tested - Tested by Informed-Choice.


Mix one scoop of Combat Pre-Workoutwith 200-400ml of water and consume 20-30 minutes before a workout. If you're new to using pre-workout we recommend starting with half a serving to assess your tolerance.

Servings: 30