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Ghost Amino V2 combines 4.5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids with an additional 5.5g of Essential Amino Acids. Together this serve you a full 10g of Aminos from right across the spectrum! Wooooaaah. Ghost has also gone over and above the competition having included Taurine, Aquamin and Raw Coconut Water Powder to ensure that this is the absolute best hydration formula available.

Amino V2 is the best companion to ensure your hydrated, weather its sipping through the day, or supporting you through those intense Ghost Legend fuelled-workouts. When you are training hard, you need the best and most effective supplements to support your body. Amino V2 provides these.

Amino V2 Highlights

  • Tastes F*!ing Delicious
  • 5.5g EAA’s & 4.5g BCAAs (10g EAA’s in total)
  • Added Electrolytes & Raw Coconut Water, Taurine and Aquamin For Hydration
  • GHOST Full Disclosure Label
  • Increased Recovery
  • Now Vegan-Friendly!

Why should I use an Amino Acid?

Amino Acids are great for promoting growth, recovery, reduced muscle soreness and endurance. The BCAA’s in an amino product directly stimulate protein synthesis and therefore help to kick start the recovery and growth process. When paired with Essential Amino Acids muscle deterioration is reduced and recovery rates are further increased. Many Aminos including Amino V2 also contain a hydration blend to ensure you remain adequately hydrated throughout a workout.


Mix one serving with 240-300ml of cold water or beverage of choice. We normally recommend consuming Ghost Amino V2 during or after exercise on training days or throughout the day as a sweet drink alternative on non-training days. Vary the amount of water to reach your desired taste.

Servings: 40 / 20

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Customer Reviews

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Loretta R. (Christchurch, NZ)

Love this! Mango is sooooooooo good :)

Thanks for you're feedback Loretta! Makes us so happy to hear you are loving the Ghost Amino. ❤️