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Get up to 50% off GHOST 👻


Gaspari Nutrition Plasma Jet

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Gaspari Nutrition Plasma Jet was specifically formulated to ensure that you get the gains you deserve. Plasma Jet is able to increase definition, size, vascularity, strength, and endurance to levels that have never been experienced with a supplement in this class prior to this. Plasma Jet is so powerful its effects will be noticed the very first time you use it.

Enhancing nitric oxide is how to achieve and maintain that coveted muscle “pump,” to not only enhance your workout but to also enhance what you see in the mirror during your workout. We all love that shirt sleeve stretching pump!

Key Features

  • Skin splitting muscle pumps
  • Noticeable gains in lean muscle
  • Radical increases in strength and stamina
  • Increased glycogen storage
  • Enhanced uptake of amino acids and other muscle-building nutrients

Suggested Use

Take two capsules of Plasma Jet twice before your daily workout. We recommend starting with a half serving (two capsules) to assess your initial tolerance.

Size: 90 Capsules