Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar is back with a new look and pumped up formula! More energy, better focus, and bigger pumps to ensure you have the best workouts possible. Savage Roar is the kind of energy drink every serious athlete should be taking before their workout.

  • Enhanced Energy
  • Improved Pump/NO2
  • Better Endurance

Stay Focused and Motivated

There’s nothing worse than dragging after a long day at work or school or if you’re an early riser that needs something stronger than a cup of coffee for a workout pick-me-up. You’re a high-performance athlete who requires the raw materials far beyond the average consumer. Savage Roar not only makes a coffee look and taste like bottled water, but all other pre-workout supplements available, and it’s easy on the stomach which as we all know is vitally important.

Servings: 30

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