BPI Sports One More Rep

BPI Sports One More Rep is the evolution of our legendary pre-workout I.M.R. While it still provides the intense energy you demand to maximise performance, this new formula delivers a broader range of benefits. With ingredients like beetroot powder, citrulline, and carnitine, One More Rep is designed to promote focus, pump, endurance, strength, recovery, muscle growth and even fat burning.

Why is it better?

The fitness industry has evolved since pre-workouts first hit the market. Athletes who once sought out over-the-top energy without any regard for the stimulant that produced the sensation are now more informed. One More Rep is a product of this evolution. Today, it’s about more than energy. You want clinically-studied, effective ingredients that are going to help you perform at your best. A formula that’s going to help you push further and hit that extra rep – whether it’s one more than your last set or one more than your competitor.

  • May Help Strength & Endurance
  • Help Elevate Energy & Focus
  • Help Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Key Ingredients in One More Rep

CITRULLINE - Citrulline is an alpha-amino acid that is converted to L-arginine. It may support exercise performance.
BEETROOT JUICE - Beets contain naturally-occurring nitrates which may support endurance and efficiency for better performance in the gym.
CARNITINE - Carnitine is a vitamin-like nutrient essential for energy production and fat metabolism.
N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE - A potent antioxidant that may have a beneficial effect on exercise performance.
BETAINE - Research indicates that supplementing with betaine can promote muscle performance, endurance and body composition.

Servings: 25

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