1Up Nutrition Natural Vegan Greens

1Up Nutrition Natural Vegan Greens supports optimum health and wellness within the body. It contains a blend of Organic Greens, Antioxidant Reds, Prebiotic Fibre and Probiotics, and Metabolic supporting ingredients.

Using a Greens formula is the perfect way to make sure we keep everything in balance and in check while we lead our busy lives, cause let's be honest here not many people have time to sit down and eat a plate of fruit and vegetables.

Key Features

  • Promotes good healthy body function
  • Immune system support
  • Naturally balances and increases alkalinity
  • USDA Organic and Vegan-Friendly


Mix or blend with water, juices or even add it to your smoothie. This could even be mixed with 1Up Nutrition Vegan Protein and be used as breakfast or a snack etc. Recommended 1 or 2 servings per day.

Flavour: Unflavoured, 30 Serve.

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