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Slow Release Protein

Slow Release Protein


Slow Release Protein provides you with an extended time period, where amino acids are released into your system.

Slow Release often has the most benefits when it is paired with a standard or fast-release protein, meaning you get the best of both worlds.


Slow-release protein breaks down over a long period of time. This keeps you fuller for longer and ensures your body always has a source of protein at its disposal

It’s the perfect protein to use when going extended periods of time without consuming protein, like before you go to bed. Casein helps repair and growth by ensuring your body isn’t starved of nutrients, therefore preventing muscle breakdown and speeding up your recovery times.


Slow released proteins are the ideal way to feed your muscles amino acids, hours after you finish your workout.  Slow releasing protein, like Micellar Casein protein, absorbs slowly into your stomach for around the clock muscle repair and maintenance.  Slow released protein is the perfect pre-bed snack!