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Wild Nutrition Thyroid Connect

Wild Nutrition Thyroid Connect contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals that has been expertly formulated to comprehensively address thyroid health. This formula goes beyond the obvious co-factors required for thyroid hormone conversion and addresses all areas of health that support the thyroid. Suitable for use with prescription thyroid medication and thyroid glandulars.

This formula addresses areas of health that support the thyroid such as energy, the adrenal glands, nervous system, and immune system. Magnesium and other nutrients have been included to support healthy energy production and the health of the nervous system. Botanicals such as Holy Basil and Olive Leaf have been included to support weathering life's challenges as this may also have an impact on the health of the hormonal system as a whole.

Key Benefits

  • Iodine for optimum thyroid function
  • Holy Basil (Tulsi) for natural reinforcement of systems that counter-support the thyroid
  • Selenium for normal thyroid health and T4/T3 hormone conversion

Size: 60 Capsules (30 Servings)

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