BPI Sports Veggie Protein

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BPI Sports Veggie Protein is a plant-based protein formula that provides your body with the protein it needs to grow and recover from tough workouts. Veggie protein is perfect for anyone that follows a plant-based diet or has trouble digesting regular whey proteins. Unlike other plant-based proteins, Veggie Protein tastes delicious and is naturally sweetened.

  • 20g Pea Protein Isolate + Brown Rice Protein
  • Naturally Flavoured with Stevia
  • 0g Sugar
  • 20g Total Fat

Why is it better?

Veggie Protein contains 20g of high-quality pea protein isolate and brown rice protein. The pea protein isolate can digest quickly, and the brown rice protein can give you a sustained release of important amino acids. Veggie protein is great to take post-workout or to use as a meal replacement. Each scoop contains zero sugars and only 2g of fat per serving. Veggie Protein is also naturally sweetened with stevia so you get a more all-natural, great taste. This protein mixes easily and is great for smoothies!

Suggested Use

Mix one serving of BPI Sports Veggie Protein with 200-350mls of cold water and consume post-workout. Veggie Protein could also be used throughout the day as a meal replacement or snack.

Size: 1.8lb