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Pro Tan Bikini Bite Roll-On

Pro Tan Bikini Bite Roll-On fastener is designed to keep your bikini from slipping and riding up in places that you don’t desire. Bikini Bite provides superior holding power for hours, yet it’s gentle to the skin.

Bikini Bite Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Works every time
  • Many other uses
  • Safe for your skin
  • Washes off with soap and water

Recommended Use

Apply in a well-ventilated area to clean, exfoliated skin. Roll-on directly onto desired body areas. Do not spray on fabric. Allow 30-45 seconds to dry. Put bikini on and press against skin for two minutes. Wash off when ready with soap and water.

Helpful Tips:Roll-on lightly to desired areas and then on the skin. Allow 30 seconds to dry before contact.

Size: 89ml

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