How we came about.

ASN was founded by our CEO Craig Durston back in 2006 when supplements first exploded onto the New Zealand market. Craig had friends that were getting into the supplement industry and he was eager to try them to see if they lived up to the hype. Craig got a sample and ended up trying the one and only Gaspari SuperPump 250 pre-workout and he was completely blown away by the benefit that it provided to his workouts. Ever since then Craig threw himself entirely into the supplement industry and is committed to providing customers with products that actually work!

He started by working full time as a builder by day and supplement entrepreneur by night, building his first online supplement store Kiwi Bodybuilding. Kiwi Bodybuilding continued for 12 months when he decided to re-brand and open His first ASN store in Palmerston North New Zealand. And boy, they opened with a bang having the biggest opening out of any supplements store in the entirety of Australasia. From then the team started to expand and developed into a talented and knowledgeable group of people and within three years there were four ASN stores across New Zealand and now in 2019 with five stores and a powerful online presence, ASN is stronger than it has ever been before.


With visions of further expansions in order to be able to provide more Kiwis with high-quality supplements that actually work. Looking forward Craig has recently brought his son Bailey Durston on to the team as a shop manager which has proven to be a positive move as Bailey has displayed the same level of passion for the industry and the same level of commitment to providing the people of New Zealand high-quality supplements.

Also, a special shout-out is due to the godfather of supplements, Nutrition Systems CEO Shane Hunter as ASN would not be on the upward path that it is today without his direction.